120VDC 120A Power Relay/UL High Power Relay (JQX-62F-1Z)

120VDC 120A Power Relay /High Power Relay with UL (JQX-62F-1Z)General:Relay is a kind of automatic switching component with isolation function, which is widely used inRemote control, remote measuring, telecom, automatic control, integration of machinery andElectrification, electric a

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120VDC 120A Power Relay /High Power Relay with UL (JQX-62F-1Z)


Relay is a kind of automatic switching component with isolation function, which is widely used in
Remote control, remote measuring, telecom, automatic control, integration of machinery and
Electrification, electric and electronic equipments. It's one of the most important controlling

Generally, relays have the inductive organ (input part) that can reflect the input value (such as
Current, voltage, power, impedance, frequency, temperature, pressure, speed, light etc. ); Have
The executive organ (output part) that has the capability of switching the controlled circuit "on" or
"off"; Between the input and output parts, there is the medium organ (actuator) that can make
Input value coupling-isolation and drive the output part.

As a kind of controlling component, generally, relay mainly has the following functions
1) To enlarge the range of control. E. G., when the controlling signal of a multi-contacts relay
Reaches a certain value, according to the different forms of the contacts, it can synchronously
Change over, close or open several circuits.
2) Enlargement. E. G., sensitive relays and medium relays can control a high-power circuit with
Minute controlling power.
3) To integrate signals. E. G., when several controlling signals are put into a multi-winding relay in
The stated form, the relay can realize the expectant controlling function by analyzing the different
4) Automatization, remote control and monitoring. E. G., in automatic equipments, the relays and
Other electronic components can constitute program-controlled circuit, realizing the automatic


Prepayment energy meter
Smart meter
Concentrated meter reading system
Street lamp control system
Compound switch, Combination switch
Automatic control device/ system
AMR system
Elevator control

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ContactForm1A, 1B, 1C 2A, 2B, 2C
Load (Resistive Leakage)100A/250VAC 30VDC 80A/250VAC 30VDC
Contact resistance (initial)≤ 100mΩ
MaterialSilver alloy
Electric life≥ 10 5
Machine life (300 times/min)≥ 10 7
Pick-up voltage (25deg. )DC: ≤ 75%× rated voltage
AC: ≤ 80%× rated voltage
Release voltage (25deg. )DC: ≥ 10%× rated voltage
AC: ≥ 30%× rated voltage
Maximum voltage (25deg. )110%× rated voltage
Specifications of coilsDC6-220V (Customizable Voltage )
AC6-380V (Customizable Voltage )
Coil powerDC2.0W
Pick-up time (rated voltage)≤ 25ms
Release time (rated voltage)≤ 15ms
Initial withstandBetween same-pole contacts1500VAC/1min(leakage current: 1mA)
Between different-pole contacts1500VAC/1min(leakage current: 1mA)
Between contact and coil2500VAC/1min(leakage current: 1mA)
Insulation resistance≥ 500mΩ (500VDC)
Ambient temperature-55-70deg.
Ambient humidity35%-80%RH
Atmospheric pressure86-106KPa
Shock resistance10G (sinusoidal half-wave pulse: 11ms)
Vibration resistance10-55Hz (double amplitude: 1.0mm)
InstallationGuide installation, Screw
PackingInner box1 relay in each carton
Outer case80 or 60 relays in each case
Dimension of outer case370× 275× 330MM;
WeightApprox. 210g, 330g each relay;

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