200miro Ohm Shunt

1, Application:1), Multi-funcational energy meter2), Prepayment energy meter3), Reactive energy meter4), Watt-hour meter5), Multi-rate watt-hour meters6), Maximum demand energy meter.7), Standard electric energy meter8), Meter for industry and home use.2. Electrical specification:1) Material: F2 or 6J13 Manganin and pure copper.

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Shunt with 200miro Ohm

1, Application:
1), Multi-funcational energy meter

2), Prepayment energy meter

3), Reactive energy meter

4), Watt-hour meter

5), Multi-rate watt-hour meters

6), Maximum demand energy meter.

7), Standard electric energy meter

8), Meter for industry and home use.

2. Electrical specification:

1) Material: F2 or 6J13 Manganin and pure copper.

2) Welding mode: Electro-beam welding.

3) Resistance value tolerance: 500-1600micro ohms ± 5%

4) Shunt type: The shunt should be mountable type with holes for screw fixing

5) Termination: Integrated lead wires are available.

6) Temperature: Independent from temperature variation with low TCR value.

7)Characteristics TC < 50PPM/K

8) Power loss: < 50 milli watt

9) Aging: 10 hours under 120 deg.

10) Customized designs are available against customers' drawings/samples.

11), Top quality with low price

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