Kmn261610 Current Sensor Nanocrystalline Ribbon Slit Wound Toroidal Core

current transducer nanocrystalline tape split strip wound toroidal core Product Description  Amorphous and nanocrystalline technology is a very important technology in modern magnetic materials, cores and inductive components. King Magnetics has developed series of nanocrystalline cores for common mode chokes

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Kmn261610 Current Transducer Nanocrystalline Tape Split Strip Wound Toroidal Corecurrent transducer nanocrystalline tape split strip wound toroidal core


Product Description

Kmn261610 Current Transducer Nanocrystalline Tape Split Strip Wound Toroidal Core



Amorphous and nanocrystalline technology is a very important technology in modern magnetic materials, cores and inductive components. King Magnetics has developed series of nanocrystalline cores for common mode chokes. 

Nanocrystalline cores feature very high permeability over low frequency to high frequency up to 30Mhz. They are very suitable for common mode choke to be used as EMC filter to compress conducted common mode noise. Compared to traditional ferrite core, nanocrystalline core has a lot of advantages as high inductance, good filter effective, small size and volume, less turns of copper wire, lower power consumption and high efficiency. 

Curie temperature of nanocrystalline cores is about 560ºC, much higher than traditional ferrite core about 200ºC. High curie temperature make nanocrystalline core excellent thermal stability, and can continuous working at up to 120ºC environment. 

Nanocrystalline cores is the best choice soft magnetic material for common mode choke. Our nanocrystalline cores used 25μm thickness second generation thin ribbons, which have much higher permeability at high frequency.



Material: Fe-based Nanocrystalline core 
Saturation flux density induction: 1.25T 
Permeability @ 10KHz: > 50000 
Permeability @ 100KHz: >10500 
Curie temperature(ºC): 560 
Stacking factor: 0.78 
Saturation magnetostriction(*10^-6): <2 
Resistivity (μΩ.cm): 115 
Ribbon thickness: 25μm 
Core shapes: Toroidal core




>> EMC Filter
>> Switched mode power supply
>> Computer power supply
>> Communication and network power supply
>> Laser and X-ray power supply
>> Welding equipment and Electrical plating power supply
>> Solar energy equipment and Wind power generator
>> Household electrical appliance
>> Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
>> Frequency converter
>> Inducted heating equipment
>> high-speed railway power supplies

Standard cores


Part No.Core dimensionsCase dimensionsEffictive
WeightAL Minimum Value
KMN120805128514. 3.1 1.6 15.6 3.7 
KMN1610081610817. 4.1 5.5 34.6 6.9 
KMN19151019151021.213.512.30.16 5.3 6.0 22.0 4.4 
KMN2012082012821.710.89.90.25 5.0 9.1 37.4 7.5 
KMN211308E *21.313.6822138.
KMN2520102520102817.213.20.20 7.1 10 20.8 4.2 
KMN26161025.5161028.313.9130.39 6.6 19 44.6 8.9 
KMN30201030201033.217.813.30.39 7.9 22 37.4 7.5 
KMN30201530201533.617.817.80.59 7.9 33 56.2 11.2 
KMN32201032201034.418.1130.47 8.2 28 43.2 8.6 
KMN32201532201534.617.918.20.70 8.2 42 64.8 13.0 
KMN40251540251544.42218.80.88 10.2 65 64.8 13.0 
KMN40321540321544.928.818.80.47 11.3 38 31.2 6.2 
KMN50322050322053.828.5241.40 12.9 131 68.5 16.4 
KMN50402050402053.637.1230.78 14.1 80 34.7 8.3 
KMN64402564402567.43729.32.34 16.3 277 90.0 21.6 
KMN80502580502583.547.228.82.93 20.4 433 90.0 21.6 
KMN1008020100802010575251.56 28.3 320 34.7 8.3 
KMN1027625102762510771302.54 27.9 514 57.0 13.7 
KMN1309030130903013585354.68 34.5 1172 85.1 20.4 
KMN1601302516013025165125302.93 45.5 966 40.3 9.7 
KMN1701202517012025175115304.88 45.5 1609 67.2 16.1 

These cores are our standard products, we can also design and produce high performance cores according to customer's requirements, including sizes, inductance and applications. We can help customers to select the best performance cores. 

* Epoxy coated. 



Product Overviews

We make cores to customer's drawings. If you need custom cores, please send drawing to us.

Full amorphous and nanocrystalline cores catalog download: 

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Company Information

King Magnetics is a proffesional designer and manufacturer of high quality nanocrystalline cores, amorphous cores and high performance soft magnetic components. We are one of leading company which provide nanocrystalline cores, amorphous cores, and magnetic components. Our nanocrystalline cores feature high performance, high stablility and reliable.

We have researched, produced and saled high performance amorphous and nanocrystalline cores, inductors and transformers for years, and we have lots of experience of designing amorphous cores, nanocrystalline cores and magnetic components. Our nanocrystalline and amorphous cores are widely used in all kinds of electronics and electrical area. 



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Why choose us?!!


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1. Are you manufacturer of amorphous and nanocrystalline cores?

    Yes, we are manufacutrer and we provide high quality products.

2. Can you custom made cores?

    Yes, please send us your drawing and requirements.

3. MOQ

    We don't set a MOQ, small order is welcome.

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    Mostly lead time begins from 15 days, depends on order quantity.

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Kmn261610 Current Transducer Nanocrystalline Tape Split Strip Wound Toroidal Core


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