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Petroleum drilling hot sales CMC(high viscosity low viscosity) Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose 9004-65-3Product DescriptionCode name: CMC((Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose; Carboxy methylcellulose sodium;Sodium celluloseglycolate; Carmethose;Cellulose, carboxymethyl ether, sodium salt;Cellulose gum)Molecular formula :[C6H7O2(O

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Petroleum drilling hot sales CMC(high viscosity low viscosity) Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose 9004-65-3

Product Description

Code name: CMC((Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose; Carboxy methylcellulose sodium;Sodium cellulose
glycolate; Carmethose;Cellulose, carboxymethyl ether, sodium salt;Cellulose gum)
Molecular formula :[C6H7O2(OH)2OCH2COONa]

CAS# :  9004-32-4

Main Physical & chemical Features

Sodium carboxymethyl celluose(CMC-Na)is a anion type linear macromole substances . Features of pure
substance: white or ivory, insipidity ,innocuity, fluidity, fibrous powder, freely soluble in cold or hot water
to form transparent sticky solution, unique function.
Factory Supply Carboxymethyl Cellulose CMC with Lower Price
Factory Supply Carboxymethyl Cellulose CMC with Lower Price



Function and Application


CMC is widely used in food industry, it play the roles of taste improvement, thickening and stabilization when used in various kinds of dairy drinks and seasonings. As an additive of molding, taste improvement, anti-fragmentation, water retaining and tenacity strengthening, CMC is also used in ice cream, bread, cake, biscuit, instant noodle and fast paste foods.

Toothpaste- Grade

CMC has an efficiency of adhesion and molding when used in toothpaste, and stabilizes the quality of toothpaste owing to good compatibleness.

Paint Grade

CMC is a good thickener in the preparation of paint.It is compatible with most surfactants and stabilizers in waterborne system.It improves rheological property of the paint.

Mosquito-repellent incense Grade

Every group evenly mixed and able to replace elm wood powder,so it has better formability and smoother surface.Improved toughness of mosquito -repellent incense.which can prevent from denting and cracking.
Each group of mosquito-repellent incense compatible to achieve better medicine effect.

Paper Grade

CMC is used as paper gluing agent to provide paper with high compactability, fine anti-ink osmosis and high was gathering capability.
CMC can help control colour paste flowing for paper and during paper variegation.
Increase paper strength and flod-resistance and improve stickiness in paper cellulose

Ceramic Grade

CMC for ceramics features uniform distribution of substituents   (carboxymethyl group) on the cellulose backbone. It produces fewer gel granules in glaze formulation. 
It contains no colored impurity and is 100% combustible under firing condition, to ensure clean ceramic glaze.
It can stabilize physical and chemical property of glaze formulation.
It can improve glaze adhesion and reduce glaze cracking.

Tobacco Grade

CMC for cigarette features high purity and fine particle size, suitable for tobacco processing.
It can improve the wet tack and film strength of tobacco.
The tobacco treated with CMC produces no foreign odor when burned. The ash is grayish white.

 It dissolves fast and can achieve the desired viscosity in a short time.

Oil Drilling Grade

CMC is a high-purity, high-efficiency slurrying agent.
It is resistant to salt, base and moisture, compatible with sea water and saturated brine.
It is a strong thickener, suitable for in-situ preparation with dry powder.

Medicine Grade

In medicine industry CMC can be used as thickener, stabilizer and water-holding agent for medicine syrup, it can also be used as water holding and dispersing agent for soft paste medicine. Used as disintegration of the tablet, it can control the release of medicine. CMC also can be used as emulsifying oil agent in injection process.

Textile Grade

CMC is used as woof trimming agent replacing traditional starch paste material,which can reduce pollution of woof during sizing and desizing.At the same time,CMC can form a membrane on woof which reduces"drop woof" and "decollation" sign.
CMC can be used as printing material for dye-trimming industry and it can improve hydrophilic force and osmosis force of dye material,making dying more even and reducing chromatism.

Detergent Grade

Effectively prevent washes from becoming contaminated after being washed by synthetic detergent.Add 0.5-2 percent only, you can get satisfactory result.Because the action of static between fomite granule with minus charge and CMC molecule with minus charge itself. Make washing liquid more viscouse and the effect of washing more stable.

Mining Grade

CMC is a high-purity, high-efficiency suspending agent.
It is used in mining flotation to separate the metals and impurities.
It can help to reduce the pollution to the environment.

Packing, identification , transport and storage of CMC.

Two layers package, inner layer adopted polyethylene bag, outer layer adopted composite paper bag
with inner lining knitting bag or outer knitting bag. Net weight:25kg , or we can pack as per 
customers' demand .
Factory Supply Carboxymethyl Cellulose CMC with Lower Price


Marked on packing: producer, article, brand, design code, spec., B.N., date of production, net weight
and other necessary identification. " CMC for toothpaste especially", " addition agent for food".
Transportation , Storage
In storage and transportation, the product may be placed in clean, dried and ventilated warehouse,
don't mix with toxical, peculiar smell substances, take care of waterproof package. Complied with
the standard, transportation and storage, the expiry date is two years from manufacturing date.

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